The history of Social Work education is only 23 years. Kadambari Memorial College  has joined this historical evolution  of social work education  as  second college in Nepal  in 2005. with  the 15 years engagement in university level program, now it stands  as a leading social work college in Nepal , dedicated to establish  itself as quality social work institution for national and  International Social work  education .

It has the blend of finest faculties from social work and other discipline of social sciences to optimize the learning of students in students centered learning environment.  The classroom learning is designed to provide active engagement of students through, lectures, workshops and students; presentations. The field work practicum are guided personally for each student with  individual experienced  field work supervisor to  apply  practice learning pedagogy of experiential learning.  Assignments are prepared to encourage students to reflect on their learning and providing space to practice, research and build competency in   academic writing.  Community café, group work, gallery walk, panel discussion, open discussions are some of the tools applied to make the learning participatory and reflective in classroom.  We work toward empowering students with engaged and  reflective learning  at Kadambari so that the students are better equipped to  lead themselves  and lead  others  towards sustainable and just societies in Nepal and beyond.

The history of Kadambari is filled with remarkable work of our graduates who not only have become the best social workers and human service practitioners but also have brightened the lives of many people.   Our graduates are working in as Social Workers and human service practitioners all around the world including the USA, Australia, and Bangkok, Malaysia.  In Nepal, the majority of the institution teaching Social Work program and development sectors actors like INGOs and NGOs, we have our graduates working as professionals in wide range of service settings. Many of our graduates have become started their own initiative and have taken the charge to lead change.  We are proud of our social work graduates to their contribution to societies inside and outside Nepal as social change makers .

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