Master in Social Work (MSW) Program

MSW Course Introduction

With the 17th year of experience running an undergraduate  program Bachelor of  Social Work (BSW), and being involved in curriculum development and revision of Social Work program in Purbanchal University (PU), Kadambari  Memorial College, Kathmandu has started Master of Social Work ( MSW), two-year full-time degree program from  January 2023.

The  Master of Social Work (MSW) program aims to prepare graduates as competent professional social workers in governmental, non-governmental, public and private sectors in  national and international arena. The curriculum of MSW has been designed keeping the needs of the country and also the prospects of working in different parts of the world with competency to work with diverse individuals, groups and communities. Kadambari aspires to build cohorts of trained social workers in, Social Development and Child, Elderly and Family with respective specializations from its first batch of 2023.

The post-graduates from this program have a lifelong commitment to upholding human rights, respecting human diversity and working towards social justice in their professional and personal lives and strengthening professionalism in Social Work leading to a just, prosperous and sustainable society. The  cadres of competent social workers can have scope in:  government, NGOs, INGOs, social movements, family care and support centres, child care, elderly care, social enterprises, schools, international humanitarian organization, community development agencies, CSR projects, reconstruction and rehabilitation programs as a community organizer, program officers, case manager, social planner, policy advocate, development facilitator,  social welfare administrator, child protection officers, family social work practitioners, and research field  etc.

Course Highlights

  • Equip students with critical understandings of social work history, philosophy, concepts, methods and practices and analyze and relate  global social work practice in the context of Nepal.
  • Equip students to enable, integrate and apply social work theories in practical knowledge purposefully and professionally with individuals and families, groups and communities in different socio-cultural systems and bio- psychosocial-system.
  • Equip students in social welfare administration, and policy practice and deliver effective interventions from mezzo and macro social work perspectives and practices.
  • Develop the capacity of students to deliver research-based practices and conduct independent academic research to inform practices for actions in social work interventions.
  • Develop social workers as cadres of social development with knowledge, skills and competencies in problem identification, solution design and implementation of sustainable development models.
  • Develop social work practitioners with family-centred holistic models of practices for children & elderly care and protection.
  • Develop critical analytical understandings of experiential learning from social work practicum placement and social camps.

Why MSW at Kadambari?

Kadambari Memorial College is the only college in Nepal that has dedicated itself to Social Work education and training. The 17th year long experiences of training BSW graduates, involvement in developing and revising the curriculum of BSW and MSW for Purbanchal University, well-established partnership with more than 100 NGOs and development agencies and local governments, collaborative field action project with NGO partners, hosting of international students’ field practicum and exchange of faculty and students made Kadambari the best place for Social Work education and training. The PhD scholars, MSWs and interdisciplinary teaching faculties are the strength of Kadambari. The student- centered, experiential and project-based learning pedagogy that Kadambari adopts have been making its graduate market ready prior they complete the courses.

What do MSW Graduates do?

After successful completion of the two-year MSW  course, students have a wide range of opportunities to work both in the government, non-governmental and private sectors or build their social work ventures and NGOs.  They can opt for careers in government departments and ministries like the Ministry of women child and senior citizen, Ministry of social development, municipal level child right committee,  humanitarian aid organization, disaster response and recovery program, juvenile bench, child homes, child correctional centres, deaddiction centre, rehabilitation centre, schools, research and advocacy institute etc. Graduates who wish to work for the underprivileged can join  CBOs, NGOs and other Non-profit organizations in rural areas across the country.  

Preparation for MSW

The available seats for the course is 33. Any graduate with 40% or CGPA 2.0 marks/ scores or equivalent to bachelor’s degree from recognized universities can apply for the MSW program . The applicant has to undergo a three-stage selection process: written exam,  group interview and individual interview.

 The MSW course has field practice training which is integrated into the curricular learning. The training happens as social work internship, one rural study lab and one study tour. Apart from this Kadambari hosts and partners in international conferences and symposiums of Social Work. Students preparing for MSW at Kadambari also have to prepare themselves for their full involvement in co-curricular activities and developing their initiatives in the knowledge building of Social Work and advocacy of Social Work as a profession and academic discipline in Nepal.


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Course Curriculum Lay out

Application Process: Applicants of the MSW Program can either apply online at the college website  or collect the application form from the college office. First submit the Application Form for MSW and then the Scholarship Application form. Visit to access the application form and submission guidelines. 

The application fee is Rs 1,500/-.which will be paid to Kadambari administration office or pay online  to Kadambari Memorial College. 

Bank Account Details: 

Bank Name: Nepal Investment Mega Bank, 

Account Name: Kadambari Memorial College of Science & Management,                           

Mode of Selection:

  • Written Entrance Exam
  • Interview 
Total No. of Seats: 33
Reserved Seats for Kadambari Students: 07
Free Competition Seats: 25
 For further information, please send an email to or call: 009 77 1 4795051 , 9851004578

Total Fee Structure

Total Fee: NRs. 2,46,000.00 (Including Admission Fee and Security Deposit)                      

  *Scholarships available for deserving candidates.