Innovation lab

Kadambari students are guided and supported in enhancing their  ability to co- create spectrum of tools and techniques equipping themselves in industrial demands, social ventures and social work services. They are encouraged to experiment their ideas in fundraising, social venture prototyping and design thinking for self-reliance and social impact. 

Fund raising activity: 

  • Movie show,
  • Food stall,
  • Sports events,
  • Apparel selling etc.

Social venture prototyping : Kadambari Social Venture Lab is  an initiative of Kadambari Memorial College to provide  space of social entrepreneur’s venture creation to  develop students’ capacity in designing  business solution to address  society’s  needs and also provide sustainable solution to the beneficiaries they work with. In eight semester, Kadambari students studies Social Entrepreneurship course.  The program for the final semester is led by the course teacher to support students in developing venture prototype at the end of their semester. 

College with Community: Kadambari believes in experiential learning for reflective social learnings contributing to sustainable and quality education. The College with Community (CWC) program, was initiated in 2013 believing that investing on young people in multiple dimensions of community development to create symbiotic relationship of learning and community work. For social work this engagement is necessary to begin their community engagement activity from the college nearest community. This platform serves as social lab for student and KMC itself to tests its own ideas into actions. Not every community are similar. Hence the differences and diversity experiences at the undergraduate level challenge students and provide opportunity to co create realistic activities. The activities comes under a mini social work project which are led by the students in guidance with their teachers. 

The past project:

  1. ETC : Engagement through Cricket

This CWC project engaged children living in squatter area near by the college in Cricket training. The three months long activity was devised to involve children of that community (from two different groups) to facilitate the formation of one group and facilitate the behavior modification of the children (use of slag language, sense of responsibility and sense of cohesion). The project completed successfully with achievement of mitigation of the differences between the two groups, enhancement of group cohesion and sense of responsibility of the good received and continuation of the training activity. The children also received trainings in arts and clowning from the project. The learning for KMC students was that, games can also be a significant tool to work with children in marginalized communities.

  1. Caring Community: A river cleaning campaign of Rudramati has been organized for two months by KMC students. They coordinated with the local community members, youth clubs and school in this project.
  2. Teej Festival Celebration: Every year, KMC student provides its space for the community people to gather and celebrate the festival. This was initiated by identifying the necessity of community space for the women of the Budhanagar to dance and mark the festival.


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