International Social Work Practicum



Kadambari host International Social Work program for its own  students and international students.  The intend of this program is to provide opportunity to deepen and broaden the knowledge and skills of social work students toward being global social workers.  For Kadambari students, the placement is integrated into the curricular social work placement in 6th semester.  International students from any university can apply to our International placement program individually or collectively from their respective schools of social work.  Kadambari has been hosting this program in partnership with different university/ colleges / School of Social Work as its parts of program in Memorandum of Understating between the two Institutions.  However, the practicum is  tailored to match the need of the respective educational institution of the students’ county of origin.

Course Content

International social work field practicum – International universities

Kadambari has gathered good experiences in working together with international university teams a to expand and enhance the experiences , knowledge, competency of the international students in Nepal placement. Kadambari has developed International Field Work  guide book to guide  students to the placement to facilitate the placement process. It has established its partnerships with  Rajagiri School of  Social Work, Kochi,  BCM College , Kottayam, Bharat Mata College, Kochi,  Vimla College, Trissur, Chh.Shahu Institute of Business Education & Research (CSIBER), Kolhapur in India, School of Human Services and Social Work, Logan Campus, Griffith University, School of Midwifery and Social Work for such students exchange. The University of Queensland, Curtin University, Perth  in Australia are its regualr partners of international Social work Field Practicum in Nepal.


Prior to the student departing from their country, the Kadambari Campus Chief/ Lead of international relationship office communicates with the relevant international faculties of respective colleges and student to ensure all parties have a shared understanding of expectations. This sharing of assessment documentation and the student’s areas of interest assist Kadambari to source an appropriate fieldwork organization and ensure that the internal supervisors are familiar with assessment requirements. An application form is filled by the applying students from the sending institution to facilitate the process. The relevant and required documents are shared amongst both institutions or with the student applying personally. A hosting charge is taken from the students as per the clauses of understanding carried out with the institution and individual applicant.

On arrival

Kadambari staff receives students at Tribhuvan Airport or Kathmandu Bus Park and take them to the place for accommodation which is arranged by the incoming students or asked to arrange by the student. Kadambari student buddies are allocated to assist international students to settle into their new environment.  The buddies’ role commences from the first day when the student comes  to Kadambari for an Orientation program (they can assist with getting Mobile Sim cards, orientation of area etc). Students participate in an orientation program with areas covered including practicalities such as the location of public transport, cultural aspects of Nepal and basic Nepali language. Students are then taken to their fieldwork placement organisation to meet staff prior to them commencing the placement. The students meet with their Kadambari supervisor to discuss supervision requirements/procedures.

During Fieldwork Placement

Kadambari assigns indivudal supervisor to provide supervision as per the student’s educational institutions’ requirements. If available, students provide assessment documents related to their previous fieldwork experience to their respective supervisors. This assists the supervisor to work with the student to build on prior knowledge/skills or provides documents related to their current field work placement. Depending upon the requirement of the university aboard, the supervisors arrange meeting (via Skype/Blue Jeans if possible) with the fieldwork contact person at the student’s educational institution.This will occur again in their mid placement. Ideally, this would also involve the on-site Fieldwork Superv

End of Field Work Practicum

The respective supervisors fill out the respective documents and send to the university in sealed envelope or online submission. The outgoing students present their learning to Kadambari faculty members and students as consolidation of their practice experiences 

International social work field practicum kadambari students

In semester six or seven, Kadambari students go to the international placement for 6 wk to 8wk time period. The office of international relationship carries out the necessary co ordination with the partner colleges / universities and also facilitates the links developed by students. 

Pre Departure

Prior to the departure, students fill the application summary for the international placement mentioning their area of interest and any link if they have developed. The office of International Relationship then begins the communication with kadambari partner institutions and agencies for the placement. The students are then put in contact with the respective hosting institutions/ agencies.  Briefing and orientation sessions keep happening with the group and individual to support the placement process.  Kadambari students pay the cost of hosting as per the rules and regulation of the hosting institutions.  Supervisor from Kadambari is assigned to each student to carry out the mentoring and assessment of the placement.

During the Placement

Kadambari encourages its students to follow the placement modality of the hosting institution to broaden their exposures to different practice and process.  The respective supervisors continuously get in touch with the students. The students carry out a webinar with the respective supervisor and also the principal/ lead of the placement program time on time. 

Completion of the Placement

After the completion of the placement, students present their experiences on the international placement to the college and their fellow students in International Practicum Conference.  Individual paper or group paper are presented by the students in the seminar. The seminar is designed to share their experiences and also analyze the commonalities and differences in Nepal and the placement country. 

International social work field practicum - Application

The international relationship office looks after the application of the international placement. Kadambari’s Principal is the head of this office carries out all the necessaries for in coming students and outgoing students.

Application Process

Write email of interest to  or

Completion of application summary  from student

Fees and logistic correspondence

Letter of reference from respective University/ College for the student

 Letter of Confirmation of placement from Kadambari


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