Youth For SDGS


The Core Idea

As mentioned by the UN, the sustainable development goals provide a blue print to achieve a better and more sustainable future for everyone. The global challenges of poverty, inequality, climate, environmental degradation, prosperity, peace and justice could be addressed by the global goals. The interconnectedness of the 17 goals with each other is determined to Leave NO one Behind in this mission.
Social workers, educators and social development practitioners believe in playing a constructive role by working together towards the global goals with their participatory work and social services drawing on shared objectives and aspirations to contribute to create more socially just, fair and sustainable world. Kadambari Memorial College, School of Social Work has taken the role of organizing young people for SDGs to contribute to the Global Goals. The college has recently succefully organized one day national youth conference “ Promoting Human Relationship for Achieving Sustainable Development Goals” and involved 170 young participants from different academic discipline to foster the partnership for SDGs
This program Youth for SDGs is continuum of the one day conference design to engage, co-create and act for different goals of SDGs. The program is integrated with learning, creating project and delivering services. Community engagement and service learning module has been applied to engage, involve, reflect and act to enhance the experiential learning of young people. The program aims to encourage young people to integrate, innovate and bring positive impact on their personal life and lives of people and planet. 


As the goal number 17 guides all toward partnership for the goals, collaboration is central to SDGs. Collaboration with each other promotes strong inclusive communities which enables all members of the society to not only participate, but belong to the mission. Participation fosters the collaboration and harness the human relationship for social cohesion and inclusive action. The conceptual framework of the National Youth Conference has adopted the ‘participatory development framework’ of community development of Kelly and Westoby , four different levels of participation emerged as crucial for effectiveness of sustained social change; micro-level (people build authentic human relationship); mezzo-level (the relationships move toward forming a group for common goal; macro-level (small groups relationship transformed into organized form of people’s organization); and meta-level (the people’s organization become connected to regional, national and international networks, alliances or federation). 
This program is designed to integrate the three level of empowerment ( micro, mezzo and macro) and aspires to link or interact with the meta level actors of SDGs. Hence the program provides leadership training in SDGs, interaction with human service organizations , social camp and social service in a participatory engagement module. Reflection and self awareness sessions are designed to enhance the service learning of the participants.

Who Can Apply ?

SEE students, +12 Students and A level student and young people from 16- 25 years old 

When Can Apply ?

The application will be opened by Kadambari Memorial College for its upcoming cohort. For enquiry write to 


  • Shram Marg, Kathmandu
  • 01-4795051


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