This resource hub is an initiative of two national actors of social change. CIL Kathmandu and Kadambari Memorial College as civil society organization and social work academic institution have joint hands to complement each other in the mission of contributing to a broader and deeper understanding that a child should not be excluded from the right of education due to disability. In order to contribute to this vision, both of the partners are working jointly is a project called “Promoting Access to Education: Enhancing Knowledge, Developing Skills, Raising Sensitivity and Design Action for Children with Disability “in financial support from Australian Development Program (DAP).  To disseminate the information to larger population on it aims to empower parents, child rights workers, child protection workers, school educators, child clubs, government officers, children and people with disability, social workers or anyone interested or responsible in children’s rights to education and inclusive education. It aspires provide a platform to access the   information and resources on disability, inclusive education with focus to children with disability and disability promoting school to create a positive schools, teachers and community for equal and dignified education of children with disability in their community and family. 

CIL- Kathmandu (Center for Independent Living of Persons with Disabilities, Kathmandu) is a non-profit, on-political, self-help organization run by and for persons with disabilities. It is the first disabled persons ‘organization established to promote and protect the rights of people with disabilities through the concept of ‘Independent Living’ in Nepal. The four key areas that the organization work in are: Advocacy, Services, Awareness, Assistive Services, Devices & Technology. CIL-Kathmandu hosts social work internships of various colleges of Kathmandu to provide practice-based learning opportunity to the future professionals in disability sector. In this project, it is the primary grant applicant.

Kadambari Memorial College (KMC), school of social work is its higher educational initiative to prepare Social Workers as workforce in human service sector from Bachelor of Social Work program. It is an initiative of Sutra center for development research and education is a nonprofit organization established in 2005 to develop human resources and conduct research and training to build the human capitals in promotion and practice of equitable and just society in Nepal.