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Your journey to Kadambari is about to start. When you get enroll in the college, here are the steps you need to make to organize your upcoming years with Kadambari.

Planning your arrival : If you live outside of Kathmandu or if you are international students, you need to plan for your arrival in Kathmandu.

The Nepalese students can get hostels in the area of college. There are private hostels with range of 8000 NPR to 12000NPR per month with three meal and shared bedroom. If you like to get information of the hostels,  write to info@kadambari. You can also stay in rental rooms near New Baneshwor. If you stay away from Baneshowr, you can take public buses and tempos to come to college.  If  need to get off at  Alpha Beta house if you are coming from east side or you can get off at Babar Mahal if you are coming from west side. Then you need to take a road down south to Budhanagar to reach to the college.  Google map link

For International students flying to Kathmandu, an airport pickup will be arranged from college to get you to your hostel or service apartment. When you confirm your internship or semester program with us, you will be provided the guidebook for international student. There would be Kadambari student buddy assigned for you to accommodate you in Kathmandu.

International Student Support Book  (download) ( This will be uploaded later but should have the room for this)

Welcome to Kadambari Memorial College !