Life at Kadambari

Your student days of undergraduate study  should be among the best of your life as you share the longest years of your higher academic education with Kadambari.  We have  a range of ways to help make your time at Kadambari a meaningful, valuable  fun and unforgettable. Our college is small with vibrant learning environment. Our behaviors are guided by the principles of Social Work. Respecting  uniqueness as diversities, practicing equalities to reduce inequalities,  promoting human value and worth  to  let each student  flourish with freedom with responsibility are key  prepare Kadambari  a home away from home.  We share our building with NGO form where you get plenty of opportunities to experience professionalism in the same space. Besides this there would be events, personal development activities and training  with your  new friends enriching  your college experience.  You will also meet international students and also have opportunities to go to international colleges and universities as exchange student.  You will get an individual field work supervisor to guide you personally to the journey of Social Work practice through field work practicum. Kadambari stands along with your side and hold  you when you need support to move forward in Kadambarian life.  

Active Sunday: Active Sunday is designed to provide extracurricular activities of your favorite activity ( singing, games, theatre etc), watching movie, listening to human books and vising to different places and organizations.

Students club :   You can create your club to explore and engage with your fellow Kadambarians. It can be games, photography and videography, theatre etc.

 And more…………..