Student Testimonial

_When I look back at my life’s journey, Kadambari Memorial College, and my Bachelor’s journey surely has been a significant factor in enriching me academically and as an individual. Choosing social work was a momentous occasion, especially since I was transitioning from a science background into humanities. Eventually, deeper the knowledge on social work more intense feeling of complacence with my own decision of joining Bachelor’s in social work (BSW) was hovering around my brain. Social Work at Kadambari introduced me to various realities and showed me how I could make a difference, for which I am extremely blessed and thankful for. I will forever cherish the field works and internships, the camps, exposure visits and all those collaborative works at Kadambari. It has undeniably broadened my horizon of thinking, ingraining the seeds of optimism which I assure to incontestably exercise it in my everyday life. I am also grateful to Women’s Rehabilitation Center (WOREC) Nepal for welcoming me to its family as well as supporting me in my journey to do what I am passionate about and allowing me to grow as a young person. . Being born as a girl in Bajura, one of the far-fetched regions of Nepal, it wasn’t stress-free reaching here. However, I persistently headed off with the notion that “Hard Work pays off” and apparently, it did. Life is beautiful these days and the credit of course, goes to NSSW. The nourishment and education instilled within me from Kadambari is the impetus for me to make a difference. I am extremely honored and glad to hear the news of my passing BSW in flying colors. This is an epitome of working hard in silence and allowing the success to make the noise. Being a nominee for the excellence girls’ graduate award in Bachelor program in Arts faculty in Nepal by the Education Ministry of Nepal is a pride for me, my college, my family members and all my well-wishers. Many thanks to **Kadambari **college** for being a great medium to assist me culminate to my dreams. Moreover, I am obliged to all the supportive teachers and my dear colleagues for relentlessly bolstering up my caliber and believing in me. I take this opportunity to thank everyone who directly and indirectly helped me reach the pinnacle of success. Thank you all. **Proud to be the product of KADAMBARI**,NSSW. -Ranjana Giri (2014 graduate of BSW) South-South Volunteer at Asia Pacific Women’s Law and Development (APWLD); Chiang Mai, Thailand Program Officer at Women’s Rehabilitation Center (WOREC), Nepal; Balkumari, Lalitpur _

  •   Ranjana Giri, Winner of Nepal Chattra Padak, 2072( Nepal Topper Girl Award, 2014). Awarded by Ministry of Education
  •   ALMUNI