Kadambari Memorial College was estalished as a higher educational institute by its mother organisation Sutra Centre for Education and Research (Stutra). 

Sutra (Sanskrit: su´tra, Pali: sutta), literally means a thread or line that holds things together, and more metaphorically refers to an aphorism (or line, rule, formula), or a collection of such aphorisms in the form of a manual. Sutra means a scriptural narrative, especially a text traditionally regarded as a discourse of the Buddha. It is believed that if we have the right formula (social innovations, scaling, entrepreneurship, resource utilization, and access to education; to name a few) one will be able to negotiate working to overcome social injustices. With this inspiration, SUTRA Centre for Development Education and Research was established in 2005. The centre conducts research on social problems, support the training and development of human resources and network with national and international likeminded individuals and organizations to contribute to the promotion and development of social work education in Nepal. Sutra has been committed to its vision of nurturing social workers required for the establishment of a just society.  Sutra focus on providing value based quality education and research as the mechanism to achieve their mission and goals.

 Kadambari Memorial College of Science and Management was established on 10th September, 2005  as second college of social work in Nepal. Kadambari is also an non profit higher educational institute.  It had been an ally of Nepal School of Social Work (NSSW) which was also an initiative of Sutra as think tank for social work education and research from 2007 to 2017. Currently, NSSW has been dissovled into Sutra and its mission has integrated into the activities of Sutra Centre. 

Kadambari now is the implementer of the vision of Sutra centre and NSSW ( former) to create a supportive and students' centred learning environment that promotes equity, respect, responsibility, curiosity, collaboration, flexibility, risk-taking and creativity. By translating these values in to action, the College prepares generalist social work practitioners skilled in critical self-reflection, innovation, create collective knowledge and understanding on social issues and to work with individuals, families, groups and communities aiming to prepare indigenous professional social workers.

Vision: To be an institution of Excellence in Higher Education responding to changing social contexts , innovate and integrate knowledge and skills towards creating a people-centered,  sustainable and just society that promotes and protects dignity, equality, social justice and human rights for all. 


To promote the delivery of professional social work education as a means to develop committed, skilled social workers capable of leading social change to promote well being of marginalized and disadvantaged individuals groups and communities to establish an equitable and just society.