Kadambari Memorial College of Science and Management was established on 10th September, 2005  as second college of social work in Nepal. It was the first educational initiative of Sutra Center for Development of Education and Research, a not for profit organisation. Henceforth, Kadambari is also an non profit higher educational institute.  It is now a sister institute of Nepal School of Social Work. 

Nepal School of social Work is a dynamic institution of social work with a vision of nurturing young social workers and scholars to advance the well-being of populations at risk and rejuvenate the Nepalese Society at large.

NSSW with its two Colleges, provides quality education comparable to good standards and best practices to develop knowledge, skills and insights in to social work values, principles, methods, research, scholarship and service innovation.

The Colleges aspire to create a supportive and students' centred learning environment that promotes equity, respect, responsibility, curiosity, collaboration, flexibility, risk-taking and creativity. By translating these values in to action, the College prepares generalist social work practitioners skilled in critical self-reflection, innovation, create collective knowledge and understanding on social issues and to work with individuals, families, groups and communities aiming to prepare indigenous professional social workers.

Vision: To be an institution of Excellence in Higher Education responding to changing social contexts , innovate and integrate knowledge and skills towards creating a people-centered,  sustainable and just society that promotes and protects dignity, equality, social justice and human rights for all. 


To promote the delivery of professional social work education as a means to develop committed, skilled social workers capable of leading social change to promote well being of marginalized and disadvantaged individuals groups and communities to establish an equitable and just society.


  • Nurture professional social workers who provide quality service to oppressed and marginalized sector of society and improve their socioeconomic sustainable development.
  • Prepare entry-level baccalaureate social workers for generalist practice in a multiethnic, multicultural context rooted in knowledge and skills for understanding and solving complex social problems within the values and ethics of professional social work.
  • Build  international linkages  to  create a  platform  for exchange of  students and faculties and  blend  international practices of  social work  education in Nepal.