Course BSW

Course BSW


The BSW program of Kadambari is under course revision by the University. The course comprise of 120 credits course with competency based course curriculum. The proposed course is as follows.

Semester I 

  • Academic English
  • Introduction to Social Work
  • Human Growth and Behavior
  • Social Case Work
  • Social Work Skill Lab

Semester II

  • Professional English
  • Social Work and Human Right
  • Nepal and South Asian Studies
  • Social Group Work
  • Social Work Field Practicum-1
  • Social Work Rural Lab

Semester III

  • Community Organisation
  • Social Action
  • Family Social Work
  • Law and Social Work
  • Social Work Field Practicum-2

Semester IV

  • Social Work and Mental Health
  • Nepali Language and Literature
  • Social Policy and Welfare Administration
  • Communication for Development
  • Social Work Field Practicum-3

Semester V

  • Social Work in Disaster
  • School Social Work
  • Social Work Research
  • Social Work Field Practicum-4
  • Rural Study Lab

Semester VI

  • International Social Work
  • Organisational Behavior and Leadership
  • Social Work Research Seminar
  • Development Perspectives in Social Work
  • Social Work Field Practicum- Block 

Semester VII

  • Humanitarian Aid and Action
  • Program Design,Monitoring and Evaluation
  • Advance Social Work Research
  • Social Work Field Practicum- Block

Semester VIII

  • Social Work Dissertation
  • Social Entrepreuneurship
  • Urban Study Lab